Epaysay India Media and Multiple Services Limited–A Public Limited Company registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Head Office in Karnal (Haryana) and Corporate Office in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan offers you a Unique Business Opportunity to enhance your online presence and business. The Company is managed by experts of the relevant fields in the leadership of Advocate Shri S.L.Anand.  We have a direct tie-up with Universities and Colleges in India and abroad and invites you to submit your admission applications directly through an online panel to various universities and colleges. You shall deposit fees directly to the concerned Universities and Colleges as we have not authorized any Associate to collect the fees. Company deals in

1. Educational Admissions IN recognizes colleges and universities.
2. Media Services (Advertisement solution, information on Vacancies in the Private/Government Sector), Advertisements Publication online, Print and Social Media.
3. IT Services (Websites and software)
4. Legal Services for Corporate/New Startup/Court Cases/All types of other legal assistance.


District Business Portal is known as B 2 B White Label where One can start own business with his own brand name. Franchisee Business Portal gets a website with its own branding name and the help of technology. This is a framing work concept use. District Franchise Business Portal owner gets the authority to create Users UNLIMITED for free under their downline. District Franchise Business portal gets complete authority of their B2B portal where they can manage their entire downline networks.

1. Your Own Brand.
2. Share your own deals and Commissions.
3. Create Unlimited Franchise/Agency/users.
4. Management Panel to maintain details of Account Transactions.
5. Branding Option for developing the required change in your website
6. Lead Generation direct on your panel.
7. Continue Addition of Colleges and Universities from India and abroad.
8. Technical Support from Company.
9. Social Media Links for Promotion.
10. Online Payment Gateway Integration.
11. Legal Support from Company.
12. Branding Promotion Support online and printed material.
13. Exclusive defined area.

IT franchise business model provider

Consultant Franchise Portal owner gets 3 Types of Income:-

IT franchise business provider

Legal Support

**You will get as Legal Support from Our Company for your consultancy which will take care of your share from colleges and universities at nominal charges. For more details call Advocate S.L.Anand @ 8963006000.

**How it works to know more details please call 9828467779.
**To know Incentives in admissions please Call 9024052235, 8955777720.
**For Technical Support in Portal call @ 9992134998
**OUR COMPANY WILL HELP YOU FOR WORKING FROM CERTIFICATE/Diploma to Ph.D., 10th and 12th Class, Online Teaching Platform and Online Examination System.

No.1 education franchise in India


  • 48000 + GST  for District Franchisee. 
  • Authority  Letters available from 25000 to 1,20,000 (T & C Apply)
  •  For 10th/12th  Authority Letter Available 5500 to 1,20,000 (T & C Apply)
  • NOTE: – If you have your brand name website, you can get integrate it without disturbing your present business website. 

Terms and Conditions:- 

  • One time set-up charges (Non-Refundable).
  • Low Maintenance Cost
without investment IT franchise opportunity


Admission in diploma engineering (civil, mechanical, computer, electronics, electrical, agriculture, mines, food, cement, mines, chemical) u have to pay 16000 u charge 48000 total admission expected 100 after 10th 3 yr course 50×32000=1600000 valid for govt. job & further study in all states of India.

Get easily admission for new franchise plan

100×32000=32,00,000 paramedical diploma mlt, radiotherapy,radiography and imaging tech.,ot & anaesthesia tech., optometry, critical care, dialysis therapy, 50×32000=1600000 dental assistant, hospital administration bpt, mpt, bsc & msc, mha other admission 50 “““““““““ 50×10000=500000 grand total revenue =3700000 expenses =1200000
Net profit in 1st yr =2500000
Net profit in 2ndyr =5000000
Net profit in 3rd yr =7500000

 **all the above-mentioned courses are matric basis 3 years and in big demand courses leading to employment in govt.  and private sectors in India and abroad


This Memorandum of Understanding is signed between Epaysay India Media and Multiple Services Limited Regd. Office in Karnal (Haryana) through its HR HEAD —————————–(hereinafter called Company) and ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–(here in after called 2nd dated —————–agreeing on the following terms and conditions:-
1. 2nd Party is interested to get a website for admission purposes/ branding of his firm/company in his local area.
2. The company has agreed to provide a website for the admission solution purpose and branding solution through printed material and online promotion through its representatives in the nearby areas of the 2nd Party.
3. 2nd Party has agreed to pay +GST Applicable as a package of website and branding in his area nearby and have issued cheques for the mentioned amount. (Branding Promotion is not included in the packages of 24000 and 30000 Rs. ) The details of cheques issued are as mentioned below:-
ii) —————————————————–
1v) —————————————————–
4. 2nd Party has issued the cheques mentioned above willingly and commits to encase the same on time.
5. 2nd Party is entitled to get 3-time legal advice online absolutely free from the Legal Support Cell of the Company.
7. 2nd Party has agreed to pay 20 % of the Professional Charges as Employment information received from the candidates to the Company.
8. 2nd Party has agreed not to collect any type of cash in name of Employment information. On Violation will be liable for legal proceedings as per IPC.
9. All disputed matters will be subject to the jurisdiction of Karnal courts only.

SIGNATURE for Company                                      SIGNATURE (2ND PARTY).